Renewed Efforts to Stone Jesus

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Angered that Jesus would claim equality with the Father, these Jews “took up stones to kill Him” (v. 31). Jesus asks why his good work deserved such cruel treatment (v. 32). They claimed that they did not have a problem with His works. They objected to Him, a mere man, claiming to be God (v.33), blasphemy to them. They had ignored what Christ did and were judging Him on what He had said. He told them, if His works did not verify His claim, then they should not believe on Him (vv. 34-38).

Again, they wanted to arrest Him, but because of their hostility, He went across the Jordan river to Perea and did not return to Jerusalem until “Palm Sunday” (vv. 39-41). The common people continued to seek Jesus, as He continued ministering to them, “and many believed on Him” (v. 42). 

We now come to the climax of Jesus’ public ministry. In a sense his ministry remained public until chapter 13, but this encounter was his last public teaching before the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Here He speaks as clearly as possible about himself and his opponents. This exchange was his last effort to get them to understand who He is.

The opponents in Jerusalem rejected him, but across the Jordan, many came to Him and believed (vv. 41-42). They had received John’s witness concerning Jesus. Though John never performed a miraculous sign, all that John said about this man was true (v. 41). Now, in all Jesus had said and done, the truth of this testimony had been made evident to those who are able to see.


Jesus continued to minister to people, even when many were hostile to Him, right to the end of his life. Regardless of the circumstances I want to be able to minister right to the end of my life.

John 10:31-42 (English Standard Version)

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