All we Really Have is What we Give

A preacher at a small church would sometimes take his two small sons with him to an early morning Bible study. An elderly gentleman, would, sometimes split his donut with the two brothers. One Sunday the smallest son came to church with a sandwich bag full of Cheerios. The elderl … More


You can be sure that all crooks will be punished, but God’s people won’t (v. 21). A beautiful woman is compared to an ugly pig (v.22). Israelite women often wore rings for outward adorning like earrings are worn today. How foolish it would be to suppose a nose ring would beautify a pig. It is just as foolish to think that a woman’s physical beauty can excuse her lack of moral discretion. In other words outward female beauty with indiscreet conduct is morally ugly. This is an example of indiscretion. A person who has discretion has the ability to perceive, examine and judge something. We’d say that this person has common sense. In contrast to this indiscreet woman, this godly woman is keenly alert to God. Good people want what is best, but troublemakers stir up trouble (v. 23).

This portion of Scripture encourages generosity (vv 24-25). By being generous a person is helping himself. On the other hand a person who is miserly and fails to help others who have obvious needs will himself be in need. There is a saying which says: What we spent we had; what we saved, we lost and what we gave, we have. This is true spiritually as well as financially. The Christian is responsible to warn the lost. We are debtors to all men because of the gospel that has been committed to us.


In order to teach Godly judgment to my children I need to:

  1. Teach them how to understand the obscure things of life.
  2. Teach them how to interpret the unspoken words of wisdom.
  3. Teach them the results of wrong actions.

Proverbs 11:22-25 (English Standard Version)

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