A Hyprocrite is Ready to Falsely Accuse

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The strong passions of the wicked draws them to death and destruction. Death for the wicked puts an end to all he has hoped to accomplish (vv. 6-7). Neither his wealth or his power can postpone death. A vivid example of this can be found in the book of Esther when the trouble which wicked Haman planned for Mordecai was actually heaped on Haman instead. When the wicked die any objective for prosperity will cease to be an objective (v. 7). On the other hand the righteous man will be brought into a life in heaven that is beyond description (v. 8)

Just stop and think of where all those people are today (in hell) who went through this life turning their back on God and trying to accumulate all kinds of things. They are spending an eternity in pain and suffering that is beyond anything we can imagine. All that they accumulated in this life is gone forever and of no value what-so-ever. Those who trusted Christ as Savior and may not of had much of this world’s goods are now living in a mansion prepared by God and walking the streets of gold.

A hypocrite stands ready to falsely accuse and destroy the innocent person in order to make himself look good (v. 9). He can defame another merely by what he says. However, the innocent party needs to just leave it all in the hands of the Lord who in His own way and time will vindicate His servant. If false accusations are met with contempt and anger it will only add fuel to the flame.


This portion of Scripture should have a very sobering effect on our values. What am I expecting to get out of this life and what am I striving to accomplish for the future?

Proverbs 11:6-11 (English Standard Version)

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