David’s Prayers. Intercessions And Triumphs

Gypsy Smith tells of pushing through in the Scotland streets and feeling a tug at his sleeves. At first he thought someone was trying to get ahead. The tug came more persistently and he saw a little girl in rags, holding something wrapped in dirty paper. “What is it, my dea … More


In contrast with the wickedness that surrounded him (vv. 1-4), David found relief by meditating on the attributes of the Lord, and the abundant blessings that come to believers. These attributes are inexhaustible resources for believers. God’s mercy and righteousness is as high as the heavens (v. 5) and as unmovable as the mountains  (v. 6). We could bring our picks and shovels, even our trucks and earth movers and yet how long would it take us to move the Rocky Mountains to the sea. That is what God’s mercy and righteousness is like. It cannot be moved.

God’s love is precious because humans can take refuge in the Lord like chicks taking refuge under their mother’s wings (v. 7). God’s throne is big enough and great enough to meet our every need, no matter what that need might be. It is better to be backed by the resources of God’s throne than by the resources of all the banks in the world. Pleasure is God’s invention. The devil has never been able to invent one single pure and satisfying pleasure. God offers us “rivers and fountains” (vv. 8-9) There is a possibility that this is a reference to the waters flowing out of Eden. The association between ancient Eastern temples and spring waters is often referenced in Egyptian literature.

The final verses of this psalm are an intercessory prayer to God that He will protect the righteous from the assaults of the ungodly (vv. 10-11). He envisions his foes as vanquished. The defeat of the ungodly and all the power of hell will be final as the evil workers fall and perish (v. 12).


I am so thankful for the great satisfaction that is available in the pleasures of the Lord, rather than  the entertainment that the world has to offer? My greatest pleasure comes when I know that I am pleasing the Lord.

Psalms 36:5-12 (English Standard Version)

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