Manna Was Easily Accessible

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When the people complained against God and against Moses He could have  said,"I will rain fire and brimstone upon these ungrateful sinners!” Instead, in His mercy and by His grace He supplied them with bread each day. Every morning the desert was covered with thin flakes that looked like frost (vv. 14-15). It has been estimated that an omer is about two quarts. Think of the magnitude of this miracle that took place each morning (except on the Sabbath) for forty years. Someone has calculated that to feed two million people each day it would have required four freight trains of 60 cars each.

Some spiritual principals we can gain from this passage are:

  1. We can not hoard God’s Spiritual food for another day (vv. 16-22) but need to gather fresh food for each day.
  2. The manna disappeared when the sun became hot (v. 21). This suggests that the day of judgment will arrive when it will be too late to turn to Christ.
  3. The gathering of the Manna daily was a test of Israel’s obedience (v. 4). Christians that begin their day with the Bible, gathering spiritual food are the ones God can use.
  4. The manna was easily accessible. They did not have to travel many miles or work hard to get it. We do not have to go to Church to meet the Lord. He is always present.


An example of this is when I read Phil. 4:10, “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. This is true when I really appropriate this to myself and say, “My God shall supply all of Lou Nicholes needs.”

Exodus 16:14-22 (English Standard Version)

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