The First Mention of The Sabbath

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The Lord instructs Moses to tell the Israelites they can gather all the manna they would like to bake or broil on the Sabbath (v. 23). The people did as they were instructed and it smelled fine and there was no worms (v. 24). Moses told them to eat all they wanted because it was the Sabbath and they will not find any food on the ground (vv. 25-26). Six days they will find it but not on the Sabbath. Some of the people were still curious so they went out to look but found none (v. 27). The Lord said to Moses, “How long will your people keep disobeying my laws and teachings (v. 28). Remember that I am the one who gave you the Sabbath (v. 29). That is why that on the sixth day I provide enough food for two days. Everyone needs to stay home and rest on the Sabbath.” So the people rested on the seventh day (v. 30).

The Israelites called this special food manna. It was white like coriander seed and it tasted like wafers made with honey (v. 31). Moses told the people that the Lord had said to store up two quarts of this manna so that future generations could see the food He had given them to eat in the wilderness after He rescued them from Egypt (v. 32). Moses told Aaron to put some manna in a jar and store it in a place of safe keeping for future generations to see (v. 33). Aaron followed the Lord’s instructions and put it in front of the sacred chest (v. 34). The Israelites continued to eat manna for forty years and until they came to the land of Canaan (vv. 35-36).


It was important that the Israelites trusted the Lord and followed His instructions not to store up manna ahead of time but to trust Him each day for what they needed. I also need to go to the Lord each day in my Quiet-Time to get my spiritual food for that day.

Exodus 16:23-36 (English Standard Version)

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