The Praise by Moses For Deliverance

To use authoritative words undiscerningly runs the risk of treating the power of God as if it were something to be conjured up at will. To use such language as a matter of routine rather than one of discernment borders on the magic mentality. For instance, occasionally it is poss … More


Israel was now on the eastern shore of the Red Sea having been rescued from the clutches of her enemies by God. Moses now leads the people in a song of praise which is the first recorded song in the Bible. He is accompanied by his sister Miriam and her woman companions with instruments. The structure of the song is made up of 4 stanzas:

1. Stanza one briefly introduces God’s powerful victory (vv. 1-5).

2.Stanza two graphically repeats the victory and then inserts the arrogant and vengeful assertions of victory by the enemy to show how puny they were (vv. 6-10).

3.Stanza three summarizes the victory after asking an appropriate question (vv. 11-13). Since the victory was essential for Israel’s rescue, the stanza also introduces them.

4.Stanza four picks up and expands on God’s leading of His people to their divinely assigned home (vv. 14-17). Also, it causes other nations to fear, as they hear of Israel’s dramatic rescue. The closing line sums it all up when it says, The Lord reigns (v. 18).

The interlude that follows (vv. 19-20) reminds us of the theme behind the song and introduces the response of Miriam and her band of women (v. 21).


When you sing do you think about the words you are singing and whether they are exalting men or God? It is my conviction that music where the beat is predominant and the words are hard to hear and not clearly understood doesn’t really glorify the Lord.

Exodus 15:1-21 (English Standard Version)

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