The Israelites Crossed The Red Sea And The Egyptians Drown

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The Lord asked Moses why he was crying out to Him for help (v. 15). He then told him to command the Israelites to move forward by raising his staff over the sea and the water would divide and the floor of the sea would be dry ground (v. 16). The Egyptians will be so stubborn, because of their hard hearts, they will chase you (v. 17). Then I will be praised because of what happens to the king and his chariots and calvary. The Egyptians will know for sure that I am the Lord (v. 18). God’s angel in a large cloud moved behind them so that the cloud came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of the Israelites (vv. 19-20). God sent a strong wind, the waters parted and the sea floor became dry for the children of Israel to walk across (vv. 21-22). The passage-way must have been wide in order to allow 2 million people with their flocks and herds to walk through. This was certainly a super-natural act, although God used natural forces.

The Egyptian chariots and calvary went after them (v. 23). The Egyptian army panicked, their chariots got stuck and they gave up (vv. 24-25). The Lord told Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea and when he did the water rushed over and drowned all of them (vv. 26-30). The Israelites knew the Lord had saved them by His mighty power and they worshiped Him and trusted Him and His servant Moses (v. 31). That which was salvation for Israel became condemnation to Egypt. As the Egyptians pursued after Israel God simply allowed the Red Sea to close down upon them and Pharaoh’s army drowned.


Just as God delivered His people from Egypt He wants to deliver me from my bondage of sin. I am assured of victory as I allow Him to take control.

Exodus 14:15-31 (English Standard Version)

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