The Provision of Water at Marah

It is related of the famous artist, Paul Gustave Dore, that when he was traveling from one country to another in Europe he lost his passport, which was required to be shown by every traveler. He was anxious to cross the border that day, so he said to the police, “I am sorry, … More


Just after God’s special provision of escape and victory the Israelites were tested. It might have seemed nice to linger at the seaside and praise the Lord but they needed to follow His leading.  Leaving the Red Sea area the pillar of cloud lead the Israelites into the desert and wilderness country (v. 22). They marched for three days in the wilderness before finding water.

When they arrived at Marah they found water but it was bitter and the people murmured against Moses (vv. 23-24). Moses had learned to  go to God with every problem, so he prayed  and asked  God what to do (v. 25). God told him to throw a certain tree into the water and when he did it became sweet and good to drink. The Lord gave the people a law to live by and then He tested their loyalty. He told them if they obey His commandments He will not bring any of the diseases on them that he brought upon the Egyptians (v. 26). Then the people traveled to Elim (v. 27).

It is so easy for us to praise God one day for our salvation and the next day complain to Him about some bitter waters. We need to realize that life is a combination of bitter and sweet, triumphs and trials. We must accept the bitter with the sweet, knowing that God knows what is best for us. He  knows our needs because He planned the way. He is able to use the tree (the cross - I Peter 2:24) to make the bitter waters sweet.


I want to be able to accept the bitter with the sweet, knowing that God knows what is best for me.

Exodus 15:22-27 (English Standard Version)

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