The Table of Showbread

A father and son were driving down a country road and saw a watermelon patch a little way off the highway. The father said to the boy, “Keep a lookout here while I go get a melon.” He snuck into the patch, lifted a choice melon from the vine, and then called to the boy, … More


The tabernacle was one long building made into two parts. The first room was called the Holy Place. Only the priests were allowed to come in here. There were three pieces of furniture here. One was a table covered over with gold and with poles put through rings at each end for carrying it. This was called the Table of Showbread. Once every week, on their Sabbath, the priests put twelve loaves of fresh bread on this Table. This reminds us that Jesus said, “I am the bread of life.” In trying to understand the significance of this Table let us consider:

This table is also built of acacia wood and is 26 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 27 inches high (v. 23), It is covered with pure gold, that has gold edging around it and a border three inches wide (vv. 24-25). There are four gold rings and one of these rings is attached to each leg (vv. 26-28). The poles for carrying the table are also made from acacia wood and covered with gold to be placed through the rings (vv, 29-30). This table is to be kept in the holy place. All bowls, plates, and cups are to be made of pure gold and set on this table.

Each week a new batch of 12 loaves of bread was placed on this table located on the north side of the Holy Place. It was not set out in order to feed Israel’s God like the pagan shrines and temples did but to show how the 12 tribes of Israel were taken care of by their Lord. The table with the bread presented two sides of the same truth: a Godward side and a human side. First it reminded Israel that they were always open to the omniscience and protection of God. Next, this was the location where the priests served and found their bread. This pointed to the Bread (Jesus) that would come down from heaven and give to men and women everlasting life (John 6:32-35).


I can go directly to the “table” anytime I want to and ask the Lord for anything I need.

Exodus 25:23-30 (English Standard Version)

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