Jacob Tricks Isaac In To Blessing Him

A pitiable creature, with dark glasses and his little tin cup was standing on the street corner, patiently waiting for some small contribution. A man passed by and generously dropped a dime in the poor old fellow’s cup. Then for some reason he turned around, and to his surprise … More


As this chapter opens Isaac was 137 years old and lived for another 43 years. The familiar story is given of how Jacob with his mothers help, received his fathers blessing through trickery. It is a story of the fragmenting of a family over spiritual matters. As we read this we need to keep in mind that his was the home of a believing man. If Satan cannot attack a man any other way, he will attack him through his family.

Jacob reminded his mother that he was not hairy like his brother Esau and the moment his blind father touched him he would realize he was trying to trick him, and would put a curse on him instead of giving him a blessing (vv. 11-12). Rebekah insisted that the curse fall on her and that he do what she said (v. 13). Dressed in Esau’s workday clothes, his hands and arms covered with rough goat’s hair, and with a mouth watering dish of spiced up goat in his hands Jacob set out to trick his dad (vv. 14-27).

All participants were at fault. Isaac knew that it was God’s plan for the elder Esau to serve the younger Jacob but he chose to ignore it. However Esau was his favorite son and he intended to give him his blessing. Jacob had already deceived Esau by taking his birthright and now he wanted the blessing. Rebekah showed favoritism toward Jacob and went into action to stop Esau from receiving the blessing. Some of the results of this trickery are:

1. Rebekah never saw her son again.

2. Jacob’s brother wanted to kill him

3. The family became torn by strife.

4. Esau became the founder of an enemy nation.

5. Jacob was exiled from his family for years.


I need to be very careful not to play favoritism in my family. It has the potential of bringing permanent division in our home. 

Genesis 27:11-33 (English Standard Version)

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