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The greatest ability is dependability. Faithfulness is evidence of faith. In this passage the psalmist describes several characteristics of faithfulness in the life of the believer: (1) Faithful feet. (v. 105). If you’ve ever gone camping, then you know the value of a good flashlight at night. God’s Word provides guidance in the immediate and in the long-term. (2) Faithful promises (v. 106). When we make promises to the Lord or to friends, we should keep them (see Matt. 5:33-37). (3) Faithful life (v. 107). David needed help emotionally, physically, and spiritually. (4) Faithful offerings (v. 108). David sought instructions for daily life. (5) Faithful memory (v. 109). (6) Faithful perseverance (v. 110). We need to stay focused on God’s roadmap for our life. (7) Faithful heart (v. 111). A casual reading of Scripture is not enough. (8) Faithful obedience (v. 112). Once our heart is set on obeying God’s Word our life will be on course. 

I.    Five ways to show respect for God’s Word (vv. 113-117).

      1.   Whole-Hearted commitment to God’s Word (v. 113).

      2.   Patient in relying on God’s Word for victory (v. 114).

      3.   Reject the influence of bad companions (v. 115). 

      4.   Count on God’s Word to never let you down (v. 116). 

      5.   Cling to God for safety and protection (v. 117). 

II.  Two ways to show respect for God’s judgements (vv. 118-120).

      1.   Appreciate God’s judgement of the wicked.

            a.   Reject them (v. 118).

            b.   Remove them (v. 119).

      2.   Fear God’s judgment (v. 120).


Lord, help me to show respect for Your Word and Your judgments in the ways listed above.

Psalms 119:105-120 (English Standard Version)

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