Appreciation of God’s Word

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One of the biggest problems with many today is that they have a hard time dealing with reality. The truth is that as Christians we can not live a life without the truth of God’s Word implanted and demonstrated in our lives. The fact is that as a Christian this passage of Scripture makes three very practical suggestions that can assist us in facing reality.

  1. Examine our dependence (vv. 17-19. We desperately need God in our lives.
    1. Dependent for life itself (v. 17). Every breath we take.
    2. Dependent for insight into His Word (v. 18). Illumination, not new revelation.
    3. Dependent for guidance through life (v. 19). Not our home, we are just passing through.
  2. Express our desire (vv. 20-21) To know the Word of God and be obedient to it.
    1. Motivated by recognition of the humble (v. 20). With a desire to know the mind of God.
    2. Motivated by rebuke of the proud (v. 21). Understanding the God rebukes the proud.
  3. Establish our decision (vv. 22-24). To stop playing Church.
    1. In spite of scorn we will remain faithful (v. 22). Even when treated as contemptible.
    2. In spite of slander we will be strengthened (v. 23), Even when we are lied about.
    3. In spite of sadness we will be joyful (v. 24). Even when we have no one else to delight in.


God never short changes me. He gives me His very best. I must always understand that Christ in my life is enough. The reality is that He is what I need every day.

Psalms 119:17-24 (English Standard Version)

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