God’s Word Protects From Oppressors

Christians in Romania relate that during the government oppression they had endured for years, Bibles were very scarce. Christian would tear pages out of the Bible, pass them around, and hide them so that they could have them to read. Recently, their church in Romania began a bui … More


For the first time the word “Oppressors” (v. 121) and “oppress” (v. 122) appear in this Psalm. The word means taking advantage of the underprivileged. The Jews were commanded not to oppress one another (Lev. 25:14, 17). In most generations God’s people suffer oppression while the guilty go free. When this happens, we need to remember the Lord and what He does for us.

  1. The Lord is our rewarder - “I have done judgment and justice...” (v. 121). The psalmist was not bragging but telling the Lord he was not guilty of anything that deserved punishment.
  2. The Lord is our surety - “Be surety for thy servant for good:” (v. 122). To become surety for a friend’s debts is forbidden in Scripture, lest you end up with a burden greater than you can handle (Prov. 11:15; 22:26-27). But the Son of God became surety for those who have trusted Him! (Heb. 7:22). Our surety is secure in Him and we remain in the family of God.
  3. The Lord is our master - (vv. 123-125). Whenever people attack us, they also attack the Lord, for we belong to Him. He does not always prevent us from being oppressed, but He always has a good reason for allowing it to happen.
  4. The Lord is our hope  - (vv. 126-128). God’s ways and times are not always the way we think but the day will come when the truth will be revealed and sin will be judged.
    1. Love for God’s commandments  - “Therefore I love Thy Commandments...” (v. 127).
    2. Hatred for every false way - “...and I hate every false way” (v. 128).


If I ever have to go through a time of oppression in my life I want to think of my Lord as my rewarder, my surety, my master and my hope.

Psalms 119:121-128 (English Standard Version)

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