Hope in God’s Word

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Perseverance is almost a lost virtue in our instant-orientated society. Spiritual maturity does not occur overnight. While the Psalmist is experiencing some persistent type of affliction, he has been promised some great blessing. He waits for God’s Word to be fulfilled. In this passage we can see:


1.     Conviction that encourages perseverance:

a.     My Creator has a plan for my life (v. 73).

b.     My Lord will do what is best for me.

                                               i.     He encourages the hearts of the godly (v. 74).

                                             ii.     He is righteous and faithful in afflicting me (v. 75). 

                                           iii.     He is loving and compassionate to comfort me (v. 76).

                                            iv.     He brings delight to my soul because He disciplines me in love (v. 77).

                                             v.     He takes care of those who have wrongfully dealt with me (v. 78). 

2.     Results of perseverance:

a.     Renewed fellowship with the godly (v. 79).

b.     A Cleared conscience (v. 80). 


In this next section, the focus is on the believer’s response while he waits for the Lord to judge his enemies and deliver him from persecution and danger. The writer speaks of:


1.     Distorted conditions (vv. 81-83):

a.     Fainting (v. 81) – His only hope is in God’s Word.

b.     Failing (vv. 82-83) – Despite hardship, he will not forget God’s Statues.

2.     Desperate circumstances (vv. 84-87): 

a.     Delay (v. 84) – When our prayers go unanswered, it feels as though eternity were passing us by.

b.     Device (v. 85) – Those who plotted against him knew and misused the law. 

c.     Defense (v. 86) – If God does not help him, no one will.

d.     Determination (v. 87) – He would not forsake God’s precepts. 

3.     Desirable change (v. 88):

a.     Revival – He wants to be made lively.

b.     Restoration – Even at his lowest point, he still wants to be used by God.


I want to be known to persevere when the going gets tough and not someone who quits easily.

Psalms 119:73-88 (English Standard Version)

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