God’s Word is Sure

When the railroads were first introduced to the U.S., some folks feared that they’d be the downfall of the nation! Here’s an excerpt from a letter to then President Jackson dated January 31, 1829: As you may know, Mr. President, ‘railroad’ carriages are pulled at the enormo … More


To younger people, change is a treat, but to older folks, change is often a threat. We like to relax in our comfort zone and resist the dramatic changes going on around us. But when we do, we fail to grow spiritually and we may miss the opportunities God has for us to reach others with the Gospel. In this passage the psalmist makes some wonderful suggestions, which if headed will focus us on the eternal and enable us to be used of God during these turbulent times:

  1. God’s Word is settled (v. 89). - Spend time in the Word of God and you will weather the changes of life (II Tim. 2:15).
  2. God is faithful (v. 90a). He is the kind of God we can commit ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and our great-grandchildren to. His Word is settled in heaven and proven by His faithfulness.
  3. God’s creation is established (vv. 90b-91). - This present creation will stand until He ushers in a new heaven and a new earth (Rev. 21-22).
  4. God’s peace is available (vv. 92-95). - We may not be able to delight in what is going on in this present world, but we can delight in what God says in His Word. Philosophies change, political promises fail and contracts are broken, but the Word of God still stands.
  5. God’s Word and works have no limits (v. 96). - God wants us to get out of our rut and move out for Him. He is on the throne; He holds the world in His hands and His promises can never fail.


When God opens up new doors of opportunity and brings change into my life I need to be willing to change and not want to hold on to my old ways of life. He says that when I became a Christian old things should pass away and all things should become new.

Psalms 119:89-96 (English Standard Version)

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