Wise Leaders Always Seek Advice

Robert A. Cook, former president of King’s College in New York, told a true story from the early years of his ministry. He had been receiving some rather pointed criticism, and he sought the counsel of a friend, pastor Harry A. Ironside. Pouring out his heart, Dr. Cook asked what … More


Wise leadership always seeks advice but many of us hate to admit that we need to be taught. Have you ever thought about the “why of many counselors?” God seems to do his best work through a group of men rather than by a “lone wolf” (v. 22). Seldom does the “one-man-show” prove to have lasting success. A multitude of counselors is needed to provide long-term goals, encouragement along the way and proper evaluation of what is being accomplished. Giving the right answer at the right time makes everyone happy (v.23). All who are wise follow a road that leads upward to life and away from the depths of hell (v. 24).

The Lord has a way of humbling the proud by removing their possessions. At the same time he protects the widows (v.25). Land was a precious commodity to the Israelites and was carefully marked by boundaries (Deut. 19:14). Land was kept in the family from one generation to the next and its boundaries were important. Some would  try to take advantage of widows by seeking to steal their land.  For this reason the Lord promised to keep widows boundaries from being moved.

The Lord hates evil thoughts, but kind words please him (v. 26). A father providing for his family, but dishonest in the process, will eventually cause his wife and children to suffer (v. 27). Mans greed for unjust gain is a constant source of woe for the people of this world. An example of this would be gambling or participating in lotteries. The people who refuse to be involved in these ungodly practices shall be the ones who gain.


When you make decisions who do you go to for advice? I have certain people that I know has good judgment that I always go to? My parents were my most important counselors as long as they were living.

Proverbs 15:23-27 (English Standard Version)

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